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Monthly Computer Maintenance Service

A-IT pro offers a monthly computer maintenance service to businesses in San Diego to keep all your computers and servers in good condition. This service will help you to prevent:

  • Loss of data
  • Computer issues
  • Virus infections
  • Work downtime
  • Costly repairs

Monthly services

Every month there will be a scheduled visit to perform a maintenance service on your computers. For every computer, we will perform the following services:

  • Updating Antivirus and Antispyware software to keep you protected
  • Installation of Windows Updates and Patches
  • Removing unnecessary files that take away disk space from your computer
  • Virus and malware check and removal
  • Performance check to verify if the computer needs a hardware upgrade to work better
  • General software check to verify that all programs are updated
  • Verify the connectivity of the computer to the network
  • External and internal computer cleaning if required
  • Verify functionality of backup systems

Additional on-site service hours included

In addition to your schedule visit, every month we will provide you with additional hours of support that you can use se needed. Just give us a call and we will help you solve any new problems with your computers or network. 

Additional services included

  • Support for the applications you use in your business
  • Recycling services will be provided free for applicable computer equipment
  • Remote support. We can connect to your computer and attempt to repair the issue remotely
  • Phone support
  • Priority response to service requests


The monthly fee will be determined according to the following:

  • Number of computers
  • If the network uses a server
  • If the network is a domain or a workgroup

If you are interested in this maintenance service for your business, please call us at 619-618-0377.