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Implementing computer security measures is essential for any business. Wether you are required to meet compliance requirements or just want to protect your business from viruses or intruders, A-IT pro can help your business to increase their security by implementing the following measures:

Antivirus software

Every computer, Windows or Mac, should have an antivirus software installed. We check several antivirus solutions regularly and make recommendations based on which one is performing better. Your antivirus solution will be set up to download updates several times a day and it can be centrally managed and monitored.

Email security

One of the most common ways computers get infected is by email. This is why it’s very important to have good email security. We implement Office 365 email service which includes anti-malware and anti-spam. Office 365 also has capabilities to block senders and email attachments that may include viruses.


Encrypting your computer or mobile device is a great way of protecting your data in case it gets stolen. A-IT pro can help you implement encryption of your Windows, Mac or iOS device by using technologies like Bitlocker and FileVault.


A firewall is essential to keep intruders out of your network. A-IT pro can help you implement and configure a firewall to protect your network.

User control

To prevent your users from installing unwanted software on computers, it is important to establish user restrictions. We can help configure your computers so that only authorized users can install software. We can also block unwanted websites that may distract your users or infect your computers with viruses. Another way of protecting your data is by setting up user permissions. With this method, only authorized users can access your confidential data from your server.

By using a combination of the mentioned security measures, your business can achieve a good level of security that can help protect your environment from viruses, malware, ransomware and social engineering attacks.

The following certifications validate our knowledge with security technologies:

  • CompTIA Security+
  • Microsoft Technology Associate: Security Fundamentals
  • CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician